We were wrong, my fellow JOMC 240ers

Apple does it again. They show us what we need before we recognized something was missing.

A few weeks ago, one of the individual presentations that started out class (sorry I forget whose it was) touched on the Apple Watch.

Our discussion varied some, but most people said they would hold off on diving into the smart-watch game until initial kinks are figured out. Some even said they just didn’t see the point — that phones already met all their needs.

However, within 6 hours, all Apple Watch models in the U.S. have been placed on at least a 4-6 week shipping hold.

It’s unclear whether or not this is because of a huge demand or such small production. But it’s clear people are interested. And not just some small tech-savvy wealthy Silicon Valley demographic.

I bet in the next 2 years, watches like Apple’s, with the ability to sync to your phone, answer text messages, read news, etc. will be intensely popular in the U.S. I bet in 5 years, other items we wear will be able to do the same. I bet in 10 years, the mirrors above our sinks will give us breaking news and our refrigerators will order more milk to be delivered a week before we run out.

Let’s make BIG guesses that look nothing like what we see today. Because that’s how quickly our world, the technology we use daily, and the way we communicate is changing. Big, different ideas are the ones worth accepting and chasing. And as soon-to-be professional communicators, there is not a more important thing to do than to think big and different.


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