Get it Together, WordPress

I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this sooner.

The lovely NiemanLab newsletter I signed up for in order to spark ideas for this blog pointed me in the direction of Atavist this past week.

I signed up for a free account and played around a little.

Formerly Creativist, this site is designed specifically with writers in mind and has been completely revamped (oh also it’s a new and improved magazine).

A user can make the story he or she is presenting visually engaging without being code-savvy or doing much at all.

For those that have known or used Creativist and are wondering, “Why all the changes,” the people behind the site explained why here.

Basically, I love it. And if I were to start this semester over, I’d use it for this blog instead.

When creating a new “project,” — which can be as simple as one article or as complex as an entire ebook or interactive app — easy-to-use “blocks” are the basis of it all. Blocks make embedding any kind of media into a project as easy as clicking and dragging.

This, I think, is what online communicators want. Simplicity. Easy use. Beauty. Think what Apple did to what we expect our phones and desktops to do in these three categories.

Here are some screenshots of something I put together in less than three minutes. And it still looks legit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.01.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.01.53 PM

Go over and get started. Makes me want to create something just because of how effortless it is to make something so pretty.


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