As I’ve written before, I like Twitter. I am hesitant to changes on the social site because I love it as is.

Today, I was scrolling through my TL on my computer. According to Twitter’s “Company” tab on their home page, 80 percent of users access Twitter through a mobile device. But I do both.

Anyways. I was scrolling through, and I, for the first time, noticed what looked like a tiny bar graph in between the normal “favorite” star and “more” ellipsis.

With some research, I realized I am late to the Twitter analytics game. Apparently, way back in July 2014, the site released the option to see how engaged followers are with certain users’ tweets: “advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users.”

I’m having a hard time finding exactly when the option became available to everyone.This blogger says it was announced at the end of January 2015. As I said, I just now noticed the “tiny bar graph” today, on my computer.

That may be because I normally use Twitter on my phone, and the option isn’t coming up there. It’s supposed to. I’ve made sure I have the latest version of Twitter, have logged on to analytics.twitter.com, etc. (how to access this feature is described here). Side-note: the analytics website is extremely helpful in tracking your tweets and their effectiveness in reaching who you want to reach. Check it out.

Either way, this addition escapes my distaste for Twitter change. On my computer, this is what it looks like when I click on the bar graph:Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.09.57 PM

It has views of that particular tweet and how followers engaged, whether that’s through the classic favorite or retweet, or if it’s through a click to a link, to a profile picture or name, or to view the tweet’s details. (Hey you, don’t judge my weak Twitter game!)

As someone who hopes to communicate professionally, the ability to see if what I’m saying reaches people’s eyeballs, grabs their attention and/or causes them to spend time with the content by clicking through to a link is extremely useful.

From looking at the more detailed analytics page, I can see, over the last 28 days, a summary of my Twitter activity. If I view “all tweet activity,” I can see the engagement rate (the percentage of engagements with the tweet out of the overall impressions (views) of the tweet) of each tweet over the last month.

The most obvious observation by looking at the engagement rates: Tweets with a vine or photo have a drastically higher engagement rate than those without. My highest, at 40.5% engagement:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 3.35.05 PM(What can I say, people like NYC & alcohol.)

The feature can help to enlighten anyone who cares about their voice being heard and how people are responding to that voice.

It presents a whole new way of gauging a tweet’s success. I never would have guessed that the above tweet would be my most successful over the last month, even though I haven’t been as active on Twitter as usual. It got 4 favorites — not horrible, for me. But still. My cocktail?

But hey, I should be brought down to reality when it comes to my tweets. That’s what people paid most attention to. There it is.

I hope the feature not only gives me a little bit of a reality check, but also encourages me to tweet more often, to be more interesting and relevant, to include the most engaging content and to ultimately reach more people.


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