Mobile is the (near) Future

In the last year (since last January), U.S. newspapers’ digital reach has increased 19 percent, with the eyes of 173 million (in Jan. 2015) glued to news online. 

That means newspapers are reaching 82 percent of the American adult online population. It’s a record high. 

Plus, 39 percent of those viewing digital newspaper content are doing so exclusively on a mobile device β€” up from 27 percent in the last year. 

Only 32 percent of those viewing newspaper content online used only a laptop or desktop. That’s what’s interesting to me. 

The gadgets we carry around constantly are what we view the world through. For now, those are cell phones. But I bet the more technology expands into the fabric of our daily lives, that’s where news will go. It’s where it has to go. 

We still have some work to do on the mulah side of things. Digital advertising from newspapers still only accounts for 14.5 percent of total ad revenues in 2013. 

But I have faith. The demand is there. The content is there. And we are beginning to realize that we must bring news to the readers in ways that are as entwined in their daily lives as possible. 


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