Losing My Soul to Mrs. Kardashian West

I (at least consciously) rarely am disrupted online by ads. Although research proves differently, I — like most people online — don’t think I pay attention to banner ads, videos before YouTube videos, etc.

Which is why I am surprised (and for some reason a little disappointed in myself — that may require a different blog post or maybe a therapy session) that I found this video.

I was searching YouTube for a vlogbrothers’ video, and saw T-Mobile’s #KimsDataStash as a sponsored video, with the yellow AD logo and all. I’m telling you I NEVER click on these few that come before the actual results of my search. But I saw Kim Kardashian West. And I clicked.

Even with my half-a-semester of advertising knowledge, I know this ad is doing something right. It’s funny, has Kim in it, calls for the viewer to interact (through starting the hashtag), and proves it’s on top of pop culture as it references Kim’s recent activities.

My half-a-semester of advertising was spent well, with Jeremy Holden as my professor. He taught us how each of us makes illogical leaps in our daily lives that shape our decisions. And how advertising is more successful when it understands those illogical leaps and kindles them with the use of social media and engagement. (Check out all his awesome ideas in his book, Second That Emotion.)

T-Mobile has definitely successfully capitalized on my illogical leap that was: Kim K. is in this video. That means it is culturally relevant, glamorous and will probably include selfies and gorgeous designer clothes. 

To become a successful movement, we need more. This video may reach pop-culture zealots (those who spark a movement), but with more videos with Kim (especially if she advertised on her own Instagram, Twitter, etc.), disciples (those who perpetuate it) would jump on. I don’t think the mainstream congregation (those who grow it) would be long after.

Kudos to T-Mobile. Now let me go convince myself I’m still a journalist.


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