Re: “Dear White People”

dear white people

If there’s one thing my family loves, it’s movies.

And since I’m home this weekend (Hickory, North Carolina), I found myself surfing through Apple TV for a new movie to watch with my parents and boyfriend.

After many trailers, we ended up picking “Dear White People,” expecting a somewhat light-hearted comedy that hated on white people. Which is funny.

But what we got was quite the opposite. This movie is, if I had to choose one word, complicated. It took on racism in a light I had never seen in a movie but had seen around me — through my own friends and experiences. And that’s why complicated was the only thing it could be.

“Dear White People” portrays black students’ lives in a predominantly white Ivy-like university. It shows how hard it is to make the decision to be politically involved as a black student. And how hard it is not to. And how every individual is full of contradictions and can’t be fit into any one stereotype.

It has received love and hate (or maybe dislike). I’m no film critic and won’t try to summarize a plot that deserves to be watched. But, A.O. Scott, the critic who wrote the New York Times review, says it well:
“You want to see this movie, and you will want to talk about it afterward, even if the conversation feels a little awkward. If it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong. There is great enjoyment to be found here, and very little comfort.”


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